About Me

You’re hopefully here from chasing my name from article somewhere. If not, I fear I must have told you to look at this during one of those networking events.

My name is Timon (Tim) Moss. Sometime around the beginning of 2016 I became more actively interested in Urban Planning, sustainability and other such chances for self-aggrandising polemics.

Timon MossThis year, I quit my job to give myself time to research urban planning, travel the world and somehow combine this into something tangible and well-researched before I actually begin studying at Heriot-Watt University.

I admire how the profession’s measures for public engagement can create a genuine form of direct democracy and how an urban planner can interpret these to create better functioning cities. Sources of inspiration have varied, and I intend to write on all of them, but are so far Jan Gehl, Yvonne Rydin, Jeff Speck and Owen Hatherley’s mate John the planner or something.

They are also in the (disputed) planning failures. Like Manchester’s housing crisis, Liverpool’s poverty, Cumbernauld Pruitt Igoe and others

So, this website is an avenue to promote myself as a content writer and budding planner. A place to bury unpublishable material and store the published works before they get lost in the web (not the first time). In the past, I have written blogs on music, politics, sustainability and whatever student journalism required. This website isn’t designed to go from naught to rich blogger by September. But I hope I can create something worth reading before September.

If you wish to get in touch with me, I am available on Hello@timbyism.com. Alternatively, please check out my work on LinkedIn and UpWork.